4 Powerful Free Image Tools to Help Your Inner Marketing Guru

There is no denying the power of using images in your blog post, on your website and of course your online Ads. You can have great content but without any images you’ll likely not get many shares, much buzz or any viral promotion. Why do you need images? Readers remember up to 55% more content containing related images than those without. Studies show that 3 days after reading content, readers remembered more of that content when images were included.

The best blog post have images. There are many reasons to include images in your posts, with one major reason being that they boost your SEO or Search Engine Optimization. They also break up your content and make your post visually appealing.

I love creating images. Ha! I better, because I’m a Graphic Designer. If I didn’t like creating images, then I’d be in the wrong business. Over the years, I’ve come across some really good image tools for cropping, compressing and converting. Let’s take a look.

Cloud Convert is an online file converter that supports audio, video, document, ebook, spreadsheet and presentation formats. There are over 200 formats supported. I used to have to convert MOV. files to MP4 before my video editing software would recognize the file. They have since updated the software so it’s no longer an issue, but when it was an issue I used CloudConvert on a regular basis.

There’s two drop down menu’s at the top of the home page where you’ll choose the file type you have and the use the other drop down menu to choose the file type you want to convert to. It’s easy! Check them out, it’s FREE!

Large image files can bog a website down due to their size. TinyPNG can help your websites load faster by compressing your images to a smaller file size. Your images will use less bandwidth and load faster! I use TinyPNG for all images uploaded to my website. Check them out, it’s FREE!

This site allows you to drag and drop images right onto the page and them crop them to fit your project. You can also resize, compress and convert images. And they have a photo editor, watermark tool, meme generator and more. Check them out, it’s FREE!

These image editing tools help make you look like a professional. And that means you can shave time off your day with just a few minutes of image editing.

And thankfully, almost all of them are easy to use even if you have little-to-no experience with graphic design.


I have been creating Graphic Designs for twenty plus years.

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  1. Great suggestions James! Not everyone realizes how large images can negatively impact your site!

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