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Introducing Video Hero


Everyone is making videos these days, so you need to make your videos stand out! Adding animations reinforces your message and keeps your viewer watching until the end of your video! The video above contains just a few of the many motion graphics offered in the pack. Click the image at the end of the video to visit the Video Hero website for this product. I’m an affiliate so I will earn a commission from any purchases made via the link.

If you are NOT using Motion Graphics …

  • You are throwing $$$ money away and turning away subscribers!
  • Your viewer may LOSE attention and not watch through to the end and so miss your Call To Action.
  • Videos that lack movement are boring and your ‘Watch Time’ will suffer. (YouTube uses Watch Time to assess how much they will recommend your Videos)
  • Your viewer won’t be able to get your message as clearly if you are not using text boxes, info graphics and Lower Thirds to SPELL out your information as you say it!
  • There won’t be anything Visual at the end to JUMP off screen and make the user TAKE ACTION! (Like Subscribe, Click, Like)
  • Overall you will get less interaction  .. Likes, Comments, Subscribers and Followers 🙁

I purchased Video Hero’s “Motion Hero Pack” several months ago and I highly recommend it for anyone using video in their business. You get 300 Pro Quality Motion Graphics for the same price you’d pay for only 6 motion graphics on Video Hive. The graphics are PNG and look great even when you resize them on top of you video.

Video Hero is an Online training & Video assets site for folks who want to make better Videos to GROW their brand and audience via the POWER of VIDEO!
Video Hero is managed from London UK by it’s founder Jules, an Ex Freelance MTV and BBC TV Producer / Director turned Online Videopreneur!
Jules Directed big hit TV shows such as ‘Pimp My Ride’, ‘The Biggest Loser’ and ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ before launching an Online Business powered by Video.

So go on over and visit Jules and his wonderful products. Click this link: VIDEO HERO


I have been creating Graphic Designs for twenty plus years.

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